BioSystems S.A. launches the new reagent ZINC (code 12526) for seminal fluid, serum and heparin plasma.
The determination of zinc in seminal plasma, together with our reagent for Citrate and Fructose complete the line for the diagnostic evaluation of human fertility, used as a marker of the secretor function of the prostate gland. Low values ??indicate an abnormal disruption of the secretor function, possibly as a result of obstruction of the conducts due to inflammation of acute or chronic nature.The determination of zinc in serum provides information about the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids, and the functioning of the immune system, which is required for wound healing. 
Heparinised plasma samples are preferred to serum for zinc analysis to avoid possible zinc contamination form erythrocytes, platelets and leukocytes during clotting and centrifugation.
This new reagent is presented in dedicated bottles for Analyzers A15 and A25. It is provided with aqueous standard into the kit (1x3mL). The assessment for this test is also available in the Biochemistry Calibrator bovine and Biochemistry Calibrator human.
We recommend using the Fertility Biochemistry Control, Biochemistry Control Serum Level I and II, or Biochemistry Control Serum Human Level I and II to verify the functionality of the measurement procedures.