It is indeed a landmark moment of great pride for the BioSystems family as BDPL celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 4, 2023, in Chennai, India.

The Gala Celebration was attended by our Joint Venture Partners, over 40 key distributors, and the entire BDPL team.

What began as a modest venture in 2003 with only three people has since blossomed into a team of over 130 dedicated professionals in 2023. We have been diligently promoting Clinical Chemistry Products (Instruments & Reagents) across India, and we've even ventured into a few exports. In addition to our Clinical Chemistry Products, we have successfully kick-started the F&B segment.

Our achievements thus far have been made possible through the continued support and guidance of our management team throughout this journey. We look forward to achieving more milestones in the near future, marching forward with the addition of new talents to boost our momentum.

We extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone.