It’s  a pleasure for Biosystems  to announce the launch of a new reagents dedicated to the coagulation area.
The management and control of anticoagulant therapy and the assessment of pre and post surgical states, among others requires a proper evaluation of the coagulation cascade. Several tests help the physician in the diagnosis of alterate coagulation states and management of coagulopathy.
Coagulation tests help the doctor in the diagnosis and management of coagulopathy. The main applications of these tests are the control of anticoagulant drugs, assessment of pre and post surgical states, among others.
Coagulation reagents covers the main diagnostic tests:
•         Prothrombin Time,
•         Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time,
•         Fibrinogen and
•         Thrombin Time.
Biosystems Coagulation reagents are characterized by their high stability and good performance using a low volume of consumption.
This launch allows us to continue offering a wide portfolio of products in the area of clinical diagnosis.