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BA 400 Smart efficiency

BioSystems' BA400 is a clinical chemistry and turbidimetry analyzer designed to offer the best performance to laboratories looking towards achieving Read more...

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Coagulation reagents include the main diagnostic tests

The management and control of anticoagulant therapy and the assessment of pre and post Read more...

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Mission & Vision

To contribute to improvements in personal health worldwide, providing clinical...Read more...

Certified Management System
EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485


To contribute to improvements in personal health worldwide, providing clinical analysis laboratories with highly reliable, state-of-the-art reagents and instruments.

To provide a fertile environment for the personal and professional development of company employees, making it an unassailable value of ever-increasing importance.


To be a firm well known worldwide for its products high quality and features, continuous improvement process and flexibility with users, as well as a leader in the industry niches in which it works.

To show concern for people, laws and the environment, using an approach based on sound and prudent financial management, sustainable growth, mastery of core technologies and ongoing, long-lasting relationships with customers, vendors and partners.